Secure Document Retention With FutureVault

Document retention is a crucial component of your firm’s compliance structure. Whether the clients happen to be demanding access to their data, you’re facing an IRS examine or an Equal Employment Chance Commission state, or fixing a worker’s comp issue, it is essential to include a centralized, organized and simply accessible record of the details you have in file. This is the best way to prevent potential legalities.

Developing a strong document retention policy is actually a complex task. The key is to be able to establish a comprehensive work that includes to be able to categorize and organize documents based on the importance, clearly define document classes (such simply because financial records, client data and staff files) and determine the appropriate timeframes for each category.

Your firm’s policies should likewise include process for holding, disposing of and retrieving documents. In addition , a clear and consistent naming convention need to be used for all of the documents. This makes it easier to apply and implement document preservation guidelines across your business.

Finally, your document storage ought to be secure, worldwide and budget-friendly. Using a cloud-based system is an effective way to make certain compliance with document preservation guidelines, preserve version control and boost accessibility and traceability of data.

The FutureVault protected Digital Burial container platform may be a solution which will help your organization meet—or even exceed—document preservation requirements even though saving you time. To learn more about how we can help, let us know today! DR4 (Data Residency, Document Preservation, Disaster Recovery and Data Redundancy) is normally our data security and compliance framework that enables firms and advisors to exceed regulating requirements.

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